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Celebrating the people who transformed their lives!

My Success Story working with Nutrition by Nina G. Rocca, RD, LDN, CPT.

Nutrition by Nina has made me more conscious of my health and has taught me the importance of eating correctly and keeping an active lifestyle!


My experience working with Nina G. Rocca has been amazing. We started working together in the fall of 2012 when she helped me evaluate my eating habits & exercise lifestyle. I had been gaining weight for the last five years and was not making time to exercise. First, Nina helped me think about what I was eating & we worked around that. She developed a weekly eating plan for me including foods and drinks that I enjoyed like pasta, coffee & chocolate. Also, she included new “super foods” that would help me have more energy to eventually work out & keep up with my active busy lifestyle. The meals that Nina had developed for me were fun & easy to cook. Every meal I had during the day was going to give me energy to exercise later or not feel hungry long before my next meal. I started to look at food as fuel for my life. A few months later, I started feeling a difference physically. I had more energy & looked forward to going to the gym.

Nutrition by Nina has been a totally fun, educational & successful experience for me.


  • I improved my knowledge about the wellness that food has to offer.

  • I saw nutrition as the energy that will get me through my busy schedule.

  • I assured myself health & well-being for years to come.


I recommend Nina’s nutritional services because she will transfer her skills & knowledge in nutrition & weight loss to the customer in a way that only adapts to them. This should not be a one size fits all plan. Nina will help you achieve your desired healthy lifestyle in a way that works for you. With today’s technology resources, it will be easy to access her services through email, voice chat or messenger, like I did! So you have no excuses when it comes to reaching her in the middle of your busy agenda. I promise you, it will change the way you look at the word diet and/or nutrition forever!



Angela - Puerto Rico

I've known Nina for a few years now, so I already knew how committed she is to health and nutrition. She's experienced, well educated, and will help you in any ways that she can! I've been a vegetarian since I was 16 and when I was in my early 20s I discovered that I have food allergies and ever since then, eating healthy has seemed like an endless (and boring) chore. In May I decided it was time to make a change, and I went to Nina in hopes of learning how to eat better and have more energy. She has not met my expectations but instead has exceeded them! I even lost 8 pounds, simply by eating better. Nina encourages everyone to work out but she doesn't push them if they are not ready. I am also NOT the easiest client to work with. I don't eat meat, am allergic to eggs and gluten. I also wanted to learn about heart/brain healthy foods because of family health conditions. She found meal plans and recipes that work for me and often tried some herself and give me samples. If you feel like you need to start leading a healthier lifestyle but you are overwhelmed by the thought of seeing a nutritionist/dietitian, I highly recommend Nina Rocca, as she is friendly, encouraging, never judgmental, and very accommodating when it comes to scheduling a meeting with her.


Heather - Andover, Ma

After two decades in the restaurant business working for some of Boston’s best chefs I’ve learned a few things about cooking and how to create dishes that tasted amazing. It was a simple formula, butter, salt heavy cream, bacon and more butter. After two short years of being a stay at home dad and cooking for my family every day I learned the hard way that you can’t eat that way all the time and the results were horrifying. First I noticed that all my pants mysteriously began to shrink….A LOT!!! Then high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe sleep apnea, and the boundless energy I had (even after I reached my 40’s) was gone.  My wife and I tried crash diets and other extreme methods to try and lose weight quickly, that never works. At the end of the day we both loved good food and it was just easier for me to stick to what I knew. When my daughter started eating solid foods it began to hit me and I realized that not only was I setting the stage for her eating habits but I was potentially shortening the length of time I have with her and I decided I needed to make some  REAL change to the way I was doing things and fast!!


I began working with Nina in the summer of 2014 and I dreaded the thought of someone trying to make me change everything I knew and loved about the way I cooked and ate, I even told at our very first meeting “if you even mention the word tofu I’m leaving!!!”  But that was not the case at all, after finding out what my goals were and what I liked and disliked Nina created a plan that was tailored to the wants and needs of me and my family and she couldn’t have made it easier, she even managed to teach me a few tricks on how to enhance flavor and still be health conscious (I’ll never admit to that again).  


I found Nina Rocca to be very knowledgeable and highly informative about what she does. She worked hard to create a comprehensive yet realistic plan that met my specific need and wants and was always willing and available to answer any questions or concerns I had, but most importantly it is obvious that she cares a great deal about her work and that is what sets her apart from the others. I highly recommend Nina!!


Tom, Former chef and stay at home dad - North Andover, Ma  

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